Vision and Mission

Turkish Expats Association in Denmark (TEID) operates as a unity and solidarity platform for Turkish professionals, academics and students. This beautiful journey of ours, which started in 2020 under the name “Denmark 101”, continues under the name TEID as an official association in 2023.

TEID has the mission of bringing together a wide range of individuals living in Denmark, from engineers to doctors, from managers to scientists working in different sectors. Our aim is to help our members better integrate into Danish society, strengthen ties among the Turkish community in Denmark, share their experiences and create their own networks.

As TEID, we want to further grow the Turkish community and interact more with each other. We organize various events for our members and encourage the sharing of knowledge and experience. At the same time, our Denmark 101 platform provides a space for Turks to share their lives and experiences in Denmark.

As TEID, we believe in development, learning and supporting each other. Discover the advantages of being part of the Turkish community in Denmark by joining our association. You too can become a member of the TEID family and join this journey now.

Welcome to TEID!